Dhobi Ghat

“they spend their lives trying to break a huge rock  with a flimsy piece of cloth”

It is rather so true to the Indian washer man who rhythmically beats clothes on the rocks placed on the river banks to clean and reach them to your wardrobe. One seldom thinks of the energy and efficiency put in by the washer men to make you look stunning in those traditional Chikan Embroidered garments.

We take you on a journey through the ghats of river Gomti and showcase the last phase of colourful chikan embroidered garments, when they are washed after being stitched and before reaching the emporia. As the hand embroidered garments get dirty when going under the hands of master crafts-women for days and months together, these garments are sent for a last wash, starch and ironing.

Every morning washer men get these garments from the manufacturers and bring them to the river for a wash. Each moment is breathtakingly beautiful, be it the rhythmic sound of beating clothes on the boulders, the water being sprinkled artistically in the air and the colourful stocks being hung to dry in the sun. The entire river bank is a spray of colours and activity par excellence. Complement this visit with a chilled Lassi or Thandai served in earthen cups called kulhar, talk to the washer men to know about their community or just roam around the ghats and appreciate the embroidery on hundreds of hanging garments. Sitting on a jute cot called 'charpoy', enjoy the folk songs sung by the washer men called 'Dhobiya'.

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