Flea Market Walk

The term, flea market, might have originated from a theory, where people sold old stuff, often infested with blood sucking pesky little parasites or may be the markets that fly off after a day of sale at one location to another, but what ever the theory of origin be, these markets often are very exciting to be in and at times to close a great deal too. A test ground for your bargaining skills, a great place to buy some stuff and then be told, you struck a great deal or at times be told, that you have been cheated to buy it quite expensive, and of course to find some great fake brands too. Imagine a pair of Nike at rupees 200 or a Gucci bag for 100 and did we tell you about a Ray Ban for 25 ?

Lucknow too has its own set of flea markets (respectably referred as weekly markets) that operate in open-air, when the main market places have their weekly off. We at Tornos have very carefully identified a few great local flea markets in Lucknow, that are a real fun to be in and spend a few hours discovering or shopping for some great bargains.

Tornos operates five such walks, where we take you to these markets, brush-up your barraging skills and an avid bargainer accompanies you during this tour to get you the best deal, if you stick your eyes upon something in the market.

Flea Markets

(Weekly Markets in Lucknow)

Time & Day of Operation 
Nakhas  1530 – 1630 hrs  Sunday
Mahanagar  1530 – 1630 hrs  Wednesday
Aminabad  1530 – 1630 hrs  Thursday
Havelock Road  1530 – 1630 hrs  Saturday

  TARIFF…. INR 7000 (01-02 Guests)

(Includes : Walking bag, bottled water, services of an accompanying volunteer)


This tour only operates on days mentioned above and the total duration is 1 hour. Though we can be flexible with timings for exclusive group walks.

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