Junk Market Walk

It is 7 am on Sunday when most of Lucknow is sleeping and has planned to get up late and lazily in a true Lakhnawi’s style. But there are a few who are walking on this unique stretch of the road that is now beginning to crowd with antique dealers coming in with their collection, some real, some fakes, some old, some broken and yet others worth a million pounds but unknown to the dealer himself – all this has to sell today. The collectors or the big dealers throng this market as early as possible to get the best pieces before any one else lays hands on them. We take you through this market and if luck favours you, you might find your much desired piece for 10 Pounds that might costed you 1000 Pounds elsewhere.

You walk down the road to explore each shop, just in case something catches your eyes. We help you to bargain and at times close a deal for you.

TARIFF…. INR 7000 (01-02 Guests)

(Includes : Walking bag, bottled water, authentic Lucknow breakfast that includes Jalebi, khasta and yogurt at a famous roadside eatery, services of an accompanying volunteer)


This tour is conducted in the morning at 0630 hrs only on Sundays. The duration of this tour is about 2 hrs.

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