Kankavebaazi – Kite Flying

“Throw your dreams up in the sky like a kite, and it may bring back, a new life, a new love, a new friend or a new foe.” 

That is exactly what kite means in Lucknow. A wondrous pastime and at times full-time too, not only kids, but also Bade Miyan (an elderly person is respectfully referred to in Lucknow) take to their rooftops, on the banks of river Gomti, on the embankment, on the pavement and not mention at times on the road where traffic has to wait, till the flyers finish with their – oh!  so important task of flying kites, cutting another kite or grabbing the falling ones. All this and more is a usual scene in the old city area of Lucknow.
We take you on this exploring visit to a rooftop, where you learn the art of flying kites and winning the match. You learn the vernacular dictum of this game and indulge in a real match. Kite flying enthusiasts of the city gather at one place and mesmerize you with old anecdotes connected to kite-flying and the Nawabs. We also treat you to traditional soft beverages (hot/cold) and your rendezvous with kites may leave you praying to God, that sun may never set and you be flying kites all day and all night….
TARIFF…. INR 12000 (up to 02 guests. Each extra guest over and above 02, 3rd guest on wards INR 650 per guest)
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