The Tornos Studio

(By Appointment)

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We have a small place that we call The Tornos Studio. Here we have stocked the finest collection of books, journals and literature based on Lucknow. We have an array of books, specially connected to the rebellion events of 1857. Guests are welcome to drop-in and read from these (no book is sold here) or watch a documentary/film based on Lucknow on a 55 inch TV along with their afternoon tea. 

Exclusively for you :  The Tornos Studio… (by appointment, subject to availability)

We book the The Tornos Studio for private reading and documentary shows for visiting guests. We have one of the largest collection of books on The Rebellion of 1857 and in general on Lucknow. Our current video titles include : Costumes of Awadh, Story of India, Lucknow Cuisine, British Raj, Sepoy Rebellion, Courtesans of Awadh and a few film titles (Umrao Jaan, Chess Players, Gandhi, Gadar, Lagaan, Mangal Pandey etc). (all this by appointment, subject to availability)

How about making it a part of the itinerary and treating guests to a free round of beverages and refreshments. This sure can enhance the visit feedback. – (by appointment, subject to availability)

We can organise a Trunk Show of some exclusive chikan and zardozi embroidery by acclaimed designers over a drink along with a documentary on Avadh Costumes. (we will though take a 5% from the designers on the stuff sold, to cover our basic cost)

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